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In Search of that Which was Lost: True Symbolism of the Royal Arch

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A complete guide to the Royal Arch Degree and its Symbolism

The Royal Arch has been rightly described as the 'root, heart and marrow' of Freemasonry. Moore looks at the Degree from its somewhat obscure origins and possible ancestries, through its growth in the 18th century and the position after the Union of the two preceding Grand Lodges in 1813. The development of Royal Arch Masonry since then is considered with an analysis of its symbolism and the functions of its officers and an in-depth explanation of the lectures of the degree.

The book concludes with some advice to Companions new and old as to how to get the most out of your Chapter membership and some brief descriptions of how the Degree is practised in other parts of the world.

Subjects included :

Why the Royal Arch is so important?
How did the Royal Arch get to us?
The Symbolism of the Royal Arch Chapter

  • The Banners
  • The Arch
  • The Altar
  • The Six Lights
  • The Five Regular Platonic Bodies
  • The Mysterious Triple Tau
  • The Pick, Crow and Shovel
  • The Bible, Square and Compasses
  • The Sceptres
  • The Royal Arch Jewel
The Three Principals
The Scribes
The Sojourners
The other officers of the Royal Arch Chapter
The Ceremony of Exaltation
The Royal Arch Lectures Explained
  • The Historical Lecture
  • The Symbolical Lecture
  • The Mystical Lecture
  • The Signs
  • The Explanation of the Companions Jewel
  • The Stone Foundation

The Installation of the Principals
The Ceremony of the Passing of the Veils
How the Royal Arch is Practised in other parts of the world
Lectures that can be given in a chapter

  • Of the Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem
  • Our Jewel is deserving of your attention
  • The Sacred Pedestal


Appendix 1 The York Rite: Sequence of Degrees
Appendix 2 The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite: Sequence of Degrees
Appendix 3 The Officers of the Irish Royal Arch Chapter
Appendix 4 The Officers of the Scottish Royal Arch Chapter
Appendix 5 The Othello Catechism
Appendix 6  The Song of the Principals

192 pages

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