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Things to Do When You Have Nothing to Do (3rd Edition)

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SKU: 9780995720596
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Never Be Without a Candidate Again!

Based on the experiences of a normal, private, provincial lodge which now initiates four candidates a year - and still has a waiting list - this book will enable you to:

  • Bring in candidates
  • Create a happy, exciting lodge environment
  • Dramatically increases lodge attendance
  • Involve everyone
  • Make your lodge the talk of your Province, State or District
  • Let go of old, ineffective strategies; adopt a revolutionary new approach to membership, recruitment and retention; promote your lodge online; find those candidates who are already looking for you.

This is what they say of the author's lodge:

Your lodge always seems to be doing things away from the usual run of the mill ... such a pleasure to visit your vibrant lodge ... we had
entertainment and advancement in Masonic knowledge in equal measure ... I would never have thought it possible for a triple initiation to
work so well ... just like a ballet with each movement ensuring that all three initiates had a personal involvement at all times ... this
was something special ... a terrific evening ... my guests said they had never seen anything like it ... really enjoyed it ... a resounding
success by any standards ... thank you for enabling me to attend such a fantastic meeting ... What a good night! ... a truly wonderful meeting.

This second edition contains a continuing response to the questions we are asked about our success and contains more ideas for raising the interest level in lodge in an easier to read structure. Our regular meetings and our annual emergency meeting are insufficient to handle our work, so we take many of our seconds and thirds out to other lodges, on what we call 'away days'. Fifteen or so brethren accompany us on such trips, making a decent attendance for the host lodge and an enjoyable and fraternal meeting. Such away days provide work for lodges who have none and introduce our newer brethren to the joys of visiting.

Paperback, 30.5 x 20.3 x 1.9 cm, 208 pages

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