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What Do You Know about Ritual?

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ISBN: 9780853182719
SKU: 9780853182719
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Customer Reviews

This book is developed from a series of lectures that Revd Neville Barker Cryer has been giving at Masonic lodges throughout the country over the years. There is a demand from lodge members for a straightforward yet learned book that will guide the candidate through the various aspects of Masonic Ritual, including its meaning and origins, during the presentation of the particular ceremonies. In this book Neville Barker Cryer gives the reader commentaries on the First, Second and Third Degrees as well as Royal Arch, elucidating for the candidate what can often be an obscure ceremony as well as putting it into a practical context. As always, these are written in the authors inimitable style which has proved popular and which will encourage, inform and entertain the reader.

Paperback, 210 x 148, 80 pages

250 illustrations

Of all the books on Masonry this is one of the most popular with myself. As a Tutor the detail is very competent to out line the pauses in the ceremonies where some discussion can encouraged the candidate to "think" and reason on what has happened to him. This is involvement and leads to understanding of the Craft. Linked to the Lectures of the Craft this is a powerful learning aid. I would encourage the author to complete something similar to this in the opening and closing ceremonies of the degrees. Presently they are mechanical and lack general appreciation in Lodges.

Philip John Harris

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