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York Mysteries Revealed

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York Mysteries Revealed
York Mysteries Revealed
York Mysteries Revealed
York Mysteries Revealed
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ISBN: 9780955317705
SKU: 9780955317705
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With Foreword by Michael Baigent

This is the book that will change what you think you knew about Masonic history forever . . .


In many of the earliest Masonic manuscripts we read of the great influence of York and a mysterious Prince Edwin, on the history of Freemasonry. This has been assumed a myth by most historians. But could these early stories regarding the importance of York be true? Or at least based on true events, confused as they may have become when handed down over centuries?

The story which is told in these pages has never before been fully represented and will change the way we view the origins of Freemasonry in the British Isles forever. Join the Revd Neville Barker Cryer on a historical detective trail through the history of York Masonry, from the 9th to the 19th century.

Learn -

That the first recorded initiation of a speculative masons was a fishmonger 1571

Why masonic legends claim Freemasonry was founded in Yorkshire.

 Contains the history of both the the Masonic Province of Yorkshire, West Riding and the Masonic Province of Yorkshire, North and East Ridings

Discover -

The truth about the mysterious King ∆thelstan.

The true origins of the American York Rite

The hidden mysteries of the City of York

The first Recorded Speculative Masonic Initiations.

The first Royal Arch Chapter in the world

The truth about the rival Grand Lodge of All England

About the Author -

Revd Neville Barker Cryer is a well known Masonic author and lecturer. He is a member of the oldest Lodge in York and a Past Master of Lodge Quatuor Coronati and thus has had every incentive and opportunity to learn about the distinctive contribution York Masonry has made in building the Craft and English Freemasonry.

Paper back ,484 pages


What others have said about the book:

'Neville Cryer has effectively countered Professors Stevensons argument that Freemasonry came from Scotland by discovering non-operative masons joining a Masonic lodge in York much earlier that Ashmole Initiation.' (the late) Michael Baigent - Former Editor, Freemasonry Today

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