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What Just Happened? Booklets - Set Of Three

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What Just Happened?

That is the question foremost in the mind of every candidate for any degree. This new series of up to date booklets sets out to help both new and experienced Freemasons towards an understanding of what we do in our lodges and why. For there can be no reason for any activity in life unless one understands the purpose.Questions that are often not asked, or remain unanswered on lodge nights, are given context and the sources for what happens in a lodge working under the United Grand Lodge of England.In plain easy language each part of a degree ceremony has an historical and a symbolic meaning needing to be revealed. 

Here are some questions to set you thinking: What are the lesser lights? 

Why does a Warden, rather than the Master, close a lodge? 

What was lost?

Answers to these and many, many others are revealed to the truly curious and may contain some surprises even to the more experienced brother regardless of the particular ‘working’used by your lodge!

These booklets in no way supplant those issued by your Province but can be regarded as complementary in the additional understanding they can impart to the curious Freemason and included within the various Learning and Development initiatives.To help you on your way, each booklet contains footnote references to respected and authoritative books listed at the end of each and available for most respectable booksellers.

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