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What Just Happened? The Entered Apprentice

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ISBN: 9690000038854
SKU: 9780853186298
(Approx $6.98)
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An ordinary day at the office, that was not! You have just experienced the first of several stages in being a Freemason and becoming knowledgeable about Freemasonry, an enlightened view of the world about you in a fresh light and aspects of yourself which perhaps you wouldn't otherwise be fully aware. If you think that's a bit rich and that you haven't discovered anything at all, that's because it takes time to come to certain realisations and is why several steps are required. 

This booklet will attempt to describe in plain terms what was involved in conferring this first degree, a little of its historical and traditional basis, as well as the ideas presented to you for your contemplation now and in the future.

In this small volume, you will not find anything fanciful but rather authoritative explanations backed by footnote references to highly respected sources allowing you to understand the historical context and original intended meaning of every aspect of the ritual. This short guide covers everything you experienced including the working tools tracing boards and different sections of the ritual. 

Pocket Paperback

60 Printed Pages

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