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Stewart Clelland

Stewart Clelland is a teacher of Philosophy and Religious Studies in and around the North East of Scotland. He holds a Masters Degree in Western Esotericism and a PGDE in Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies, as well as a B.A. (Hons) in Fine Art and Philosophy.

Clelland’s research background is centred on esoteric spirituality and the practice of heterodox religious traditions with a particular inte­rest in marginalised and persecuted religious communities, both historical and contemporary.

Clelland’s work engages with religious studies specifically in the so-called ‘Western Esoteric Trad­ition’ or Hermetic Tradition within religious, masonic and philosophical thought.

His passion for the advancement of spiritual diversity, the study of initiatic practices and the pursuit of religious liberty, has led him to lecture throughout Scotland and beyond.

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