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Masonic Legends

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Masonic Legends
Masonic Legends
Masonic Legends
Masonic Legends
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SKU: 9780995720527
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MASONIC LEGENDS delves into some of the BIG legends in freemasonry. It kicks off with an investigation into the legend of Robin Hood to show how legends develop and grow. It then looks into that idea that Athelstan, the first King of all England, called all the masons of his time to a meeting in York, suggesting a function for the Regius poem. It then looks into the story of the Queen of Sheba, asking whether the temple of Solomon was ever built, and next to the emancipation of South America and whether its leaders were masons. The book then answers the fascinating question of masonry in Cuba - 30,000 masons in  a communist country - and finally, it asks why Rudyard Kipling rarely attended lodge.

Paperback 256 pages

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