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The Square Magazine - March 2015

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Sir Joseph Banks - explorer, scientist, Freemason
John Speed - An insight into the man who travelled with Captain Cook

What makes a successful Lodge?
K G Maxwell-Whale - A personal response to the question set by The Square

The Royal College of Surgeons and English Freemasonry
J G Fountain - The Development Director explores this long term relationship

Royal Cumberland Lodge - Theatre, Treasures and Traditions
Mervyn Bryce - The story of a Lodge and the Bath Masonic Temple

So Mote it be
Michael Karn - An explanation of this familiar Masonic phrase

Portrait of an Unknown Freemason
Brendan Kyne - An investigation into William Farquharson Lamonby

The Names of Lodges
Fred Lomax - This well-known writer shares some insights into those unusual names

The Zen of Freemasonry
Martin Faulks - Freemasonry compared to Zen Buddhism - closer than you think

New Zealand Freemasons in Jerusalem
Eli Minoff - A continuation of the role of Freemasonry in the Holy Land

From Brazzaville with brotherly love
Frederic Renard - A meeting of the Grand Lodge of the Congo

Freemasonry in Serbia
Peter Hoffer - An interview with the Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia

Aleister Crowley - The Wickedest Man in the World
Mike Karn - Revelations of this fascinating but terrible man - but was he a Mason?

Ashlar Chippings
Hugh O'Neill - More vignettes from Freemasonry from a regular contributor

Kent Lodge No 15
Paul Gardner - A Lodge soon to celebrate its 300 year anniversary

The QC Page
Gordon Davie - More thoughts from the Premier Lodge of Research

Prince Hall - The First Negro Freemason
Allan DeLuca - A fascinating and enigmatic character commited to his race and the Craft.

The Heart of the Craft
John M. Grange - An experienced and senior Mason shares his thoughts about the Craft

An Explanation of a Royal Arch Tracing Board
Keith Hammerton - A fascinating board from Cana Chapter, Lancashire

The Square Competition
The first part of a three part trial - are you up for it?

The Grand Lodge of Stockport
Dr David Harrison - Yet another Grand Lodge to rival that at Wigan

Investing in the Growth of the Brotherhood
Robert A Shively - The findings from extensive research of the Craft in Kansas

Your Masonic Questions Answered
Graham Redman - Answers to your questions and problems

Book Reviews
Lafitte's Treasure (Andrew Farleigh),
The Winding Staircase (Mike Karn),
Beyond the Craft (Seth Belson),
The York Grand Lodge (Charles Pendleton)

Letters to the Editor

Freemasonry in Hawaii - The Ioloni Palace
Herbert Gardiner - More Masonic stories and stamps courtesy of the Masonic Philatelic Club

Wherefore art thou . . .?
John Acaster - More activity from the Manchester Lodge of Masonic Research

The Raising of Matthew Murray
Miles Jarvis - The touching story of a man who wanted to be a Master Mason

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