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The Square Magazine - June 2016

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The Private Life of Dr Robert Thomas Crucefix
John Reuther presents this driving force in the provision of assistance to distressed Masons and the creation of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution.

The Letter G
Mike Karn's new book is a collection of 15, ten minute, talks for lodges.

Why should a Quantum Physicist take the Great Architect seriously?
Robert Lomas reflects on his position regarding the concept of God and what other great scientists have felt about creation.

Rose Croix - the 18th degree of the A&AR
Yasha Beresiner returns with an article reflecting a personal interpretation of this interesting, important, and even controversial, degree so loved by many Masons.

A violation of our principles: political discussion within the lodge 
The Scottish Rite Museum and library produces a most interesting blog. Here is one posting regarding political promotions exposed by a letter to HQ.

The Bridge Builders
Bros Nazif and Vahidin report the path of Freemasonry in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1900.

Not Hiram Abif
Jean Yves Legouas discusses, the arguments about Hiram the King of Tyre and Hiram Abif, the hero of Masonic ritual.

The Sword of UGLE
Allan DeLuca does sterling work for the Chingford Masonic research group through his online newsletter. Here is an article which presents the supposed history of the fine sword used by UGLE.

Seven Greatest mistakes of Freemasonry
Norm McEvoy runs a web based site and newsletter. Here is one of his postings from an unknown author about the seven mistakes many lodges make.

The Great War and Grand Lodge Rivalries
Paul Calderwood draws from his Prestonian research, about the breakdown of relations between Grand Lodges in 1914.

The Deacons
Schalk Jacob reflects on the history, purpose and importance of the role of Deacons in Masonry and in the Lodge.

Is Masonry a total Moral Philosophy?
J D Black presents the anomalies of the second degree tracing board but gives an insight into the allegory it contains. Are allegories technically inaccurate on purpose?

The QC page
Gordon Davie brings us up to date with the planned QC tercentenary conference in Cambridge - be there if you can but get in quick if you want accommodation in College.

Cathedrals built by the Masons 
Russell Herner has produced a very comprehensive new book based on his life?long love of cathedrals. Here is a reflection on those wonderful, rose-shaped, stained glass windows.

The Queen of Sheba visits King Solomon
This wonderful story as depicted in the stamps which have been created by Yemen - including a surprising page three type illustration.... but what was her real name?

Abdelkader El Djezairi - Muslim and Freemason 
Eli Minoff, supported by Jacques Huyghebaert, present the story of a charismatic Muslim leader, who was also a Freemason but had no issue with his membership.

Reflections on 50 years as a Mason
Bob Sillett has achieved many things in his 50 years as a Mason - including Prestonian lecturer. Here he presents what he thinks Freemasonry needs to do to survive the next 50 years.

Why Franco hated the Masons
Juan Bedoya presents some of the difficult history of Freemasonry in Spain under Franco and the Catholic Church.

Ashlar Chippings
Hugh O'Neill presents his regular contribution of Masonic titbits and observations.

The XIV World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges 2015
Peter Hoffer reports on this Masonic event.

Quiz Time
We introduce the latest quiz with many book prizes to be won. Be in it to win it!

An Introduction to the Kidd Collection
Neil Wynes Morse reports on the finding of some important Masonic text books - once suspected - courtesy of Harashim, the newsletter of the ANZMRC.

Vox Pop
David West asks young Masons in his own lodge why they joined and what they were expecting.

Letters to the Editor
Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion.

Summary of the Ancient Charges of UGLE.
Allun McIlherney explores what every Master-elect under UGLE must agree to before he can take the chair.

Female Collaboration in Masonic Regalia
Aimee Newell presents the women who made a business out of Masonry.

Francis Drake... Yorkshireman?
David Harrison presents a vignette of a character who loomed large in the city of York.

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