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The Square Magazine - March 2016

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The idiosyncrasies of Laurence Dermott GS
Paul Gardner introduces us to the sarcastic, bitter, uncompromising but most remarkable Grand Secretary of the Antients Grand Lodge.

The Gilbert and Sullivan Comic Operas and Freemasonry
Paul Huggins continues his musical anecdotes with an insight into the Masonic influences and connections of this prolific musical duo.

Leadership of change in Freemasonry
Dr David West gives us an insight into his latest book which contains many suggestions which will help positive change - and might raise a few eyebrows.

The Imperial War Graves Commission
Diane Clements shares her research into the Masonic links of the society which developed and maintains the British Cemeteries in Northern France and elsewhere.

Lodge of Unions Response (HFAF)
Christine Chapman is GM of the Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons (for women) and took the opportunity when responding to a toast to the visitors to enlighten her host about their activities.

An Old Monument Moss Grown
Oscar Patterson III records the development of Freemasonry in Florida, USA, and the troubles it experienced as recorded on a significant monument

Grand Lodge of Croatia
Bojan Sober recounts the recent celebrations marking the 240th anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Croatia held in Zagreb.

Painting towards the corner again

Richard Eanam reports the actions of the GM of Georgia who has now banned gays, adulterers and fornicators from membership. There may be trouble ahead ...

Spiritual Freemasonry: a beginning
Corrado Canonici continues the argument that Freemasonry is not just a social or dining club - though many of its members have forgotten its central purpose.

Mauls and Gavels
Martin Gandoff sets us right as to which is which and how we have all been using the wrong name.

Brick: the catalyst of the metamorphic change from Operative to Speculative Freemasonry
Charles Lawrence explains how brick and iron put the final nail in the coffin of the stonemasons.

A new Fraternal degree - the Ancient Order of Shipbuilders
Thomas Lamb and Walter Meier report the creation of a new order - which still manages to call itself Ancient.

In the blood: the Birrell family and Scottish Freemasonry
Kenneth Jack introduces us to the remarkable Birrell family of Edinburgh and their work for Scottish Freemasonry.

The QC page
Gordon Davie brings us up to date and deplores a new marketing idea from Central Office.

Freemasonry and Sirius
Jebediah French introduces us to some of the more fanciful claims of some past Freemasons.

Christianity and the Royal Arch
Dr J Milsom explains the Christian derivation of this degree - much of which was lost during the de-christianisation of the Craft after 1813.

Such an Ordinary Stamp
Ken Elston continues to educate us about Masonic philately - stamp collecting! - with images of the Square and Compasses.

A Voice from the Silence - Women in Freemasonry
Erich Lackner and Nikolaus Schwarzler continue a debate which has existed for quite a while - should we join with the ladies?

Ashlar Chippings
Hugh O'Neill presents his regular contribution of Masonic titbits and observations.

The Prince, the Prophet and the Priest
Anthony Sheppardson reflects on the many characters we meet in our rituals.

Time Immemorial Lodges?
Gordon Davie reflects on the lodges which met before there was a Grand Lodge.

The joys of English - and being European
Sven Ronne amuses us with the ridiculousness of our language but also brings us up to date with the EMM meeting of European Masons in Longwy.

Why the Elevator Speech will always fail
Jon Patrick Sage explains how the quick sales pitch does disservice to Freemasonry.

Golden Treasure
John Acaster reports on a visit to Vienna and the events planned for Manchester - golden treasures all.

Letters to the Editor
Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion.

Jewels of the Craft JOTC
Robert Smith shares four new additions to the fascinating world of Masonic jewels.

The Universities Scheme Conference 2015
Edward Lord reports on the 10th anniversary of an excellent scheme to attract the right sort of (young) chap into Freemasonry.

Where will you plant your seedlings?
Carl Planting puns his own name with some hard hitting opinions from down under. Time to face up to the real problems!

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