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The Square Magazine - September 2019

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A Lewis on the Moon
Well-known Masonic author and physicist Robert Lomas recalls his experience of watching the Lunar Landings 50 years ago and its influence on his own careers, both Masonic and in the world of science.

The Mark and the RAM
Richard Gan returns to write for us about how and why the Mark and the RAM are inextricably linked.

Freemasonry and Social Responsibility
David West explores the role of Freemasonry as more than ‘just a hobby’ but a way of life and a moral practice.

Cagliostro’s Initiation: his 1777 Grand Lodge Certificate Rediscovered
Masonic researcher Reinhard Markner shares his discovery of the Grand Lodge Certificate of infamous 18th century Freemason Count Cagliostro.

I now present to you...an examination of the working tools of Craft Freemasonry
David Haigh gives his perspective on the working tools of the three degrees.

We Apply These Tools
Gerald Reilly gives us a fascinating insight into the life and works of the influential Masonic philanthropist, Francis Henry Crittall.

Square Gold: Forty Two Thousand
For years the meaning of forty and two thousand was assumed 2,040, but Cyril T. Holmes was not satisfied and his research shows that it was really 42,000.

Benjamin Franklin and a Master of the Stationers’ Company
Nigel Wade explores the relationship between Benjamin Franklin and William Strahan. How was it that these two printers, on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, came to know one another?

The Future of Freemasonry: Part Two.
2012 Prestonian Lecturer, Tony Harvey, discusses an approach to managing change in lodges. 

Manockjee Cursetjee: The First Indian Freemason and the birth of the Lodge Rising Star of Western India
Alex Lishanin tells the story of how Lodge Rising Star came into being.

Ashlar Chippings
Hugh O’Neill offers his regular chippings collected whilst smoothing the ashlar.

A Quarterly Advancement
Craig Weightman’s regular column helping you to advance in your Masonic Knowledge.

Focus On: Jarrow Masonic Hall
Following on from our previous issue’s theme on ‘Freemasonry and Egyptomania’, Jarrow Masonic Hall showcases their stunning Egyptian-influenced lodge room.

Book Reviews
Richard Gan reviews A Questioning Eye on Freemasonry by John Belton.

Freemasonry A–Z
All you ever wanted to know and more!

Letters to the Editor
Our readers get in touch with their points of view.

News and Events
Our regular round up of news and events happening in the world of Freemasonry.

Beyond the Craft
Michael Adams continues his look at the appendant Orders of Freemasonry. In this issue – the Allied Masonic Degrees.

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