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The Knights Templar In The Holy Land

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SKU: 9781838071523
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The great historian Steven Runciman needed three volumes, each more than 300 pages long, to describe the crusades. This single volume limits itself to describing the factors and events affecting Templar life during the crusades: their religious status, who they sought to protect, who was there when they arrived, who they fought, and what really brought about their end. Unlike the primary forms of Freemasonry, the masonic order of the Knights Templar is restricted to Christians acting in the name of the Holy, Blessed and Glorious Trinity. The modern masonic knight symbolically draws his sword against opposers of the gospel, and swears to love, honour, and fear God; walk after His commandments. Maintain and defend the Christian Faith and [the] honour, dignity and interests of our Order Prefer honour to wealth. Be just and true in word and deed. Give no willing cause of offence to any; but, while opposing wrong and injustice, deport himself courteously and gently Assist the distressed, eschew all debasing employment, recreation and company; abhor pride and selfishness. Although there is no historical connection between todays Masonic Templars and the Templars of the 12th and 13th centuries, their vows and values do have much in common.

Paperback : 176 pages

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