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The Masonic Order Of The Red Cross of Constantine

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After being established in London in 1865, the Masonic Order of the Red Cross of Constantine is one of the oldest Ritual Bodies by foundation amongst those still active today and in various areas of the world it is currently considered as an elitist expression of the Christian chivalric Orders in Freemasonry. 

Despite the contributions of many authoritative historians, the origins of the Red Cross of Constantine are often shrouded in a cloak of misleading information: this book, written to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the consecration of the Grand Imperial Conclave for Italy, seeks to clarify these aspects, analysing for the first time the spreading of the Order from a global perspective, thus allowing the reader to follow its evolution over time, from the rapid success in the UK and its colonies to the massive expansion in Europe in the last four decades, going through growth in Canada and the United States.


122 pages

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