The Royal Arch Journey

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In this volume, the author draws on his many years of research into the topic to present an analysis of the history of the Royal Arch, its origins and development, and its place in the present-day Masonic tradition. His findings may prove controversial for some as he goes back to its origins in the 18th century but all readers will find this book presents a fascinating and compelling argument. The book has two objectives: to tell the story of how the degree, later known as the Order, of the Holy Royal Arch in England emerged and developed. The other is to show, through that story, why the Royal Arch is essential to the Speculative Craftsmen and has always been regarded by many as the culmination of Freemasonry.

On this journey, you will be able to 

  • Discover the unexpected source from which the wisdom and teaching of this ceremony were first derived.

  • Read the whole story of the Royal Arch Degree.

  • Learn about the evolution of the Royal Arch Regalia

  • Study the evidence that the Royal Arch was long considered the summum bonum or the highest point of Freemasonry

  • Find out when the degree appeared in England and what the first chapters were.

Chapters include:

Back the Source; The Traces of the Degree

The Emergence of a Ceremony; first Examples of an Order

The Appearance of a Supreme Grand Chapter

Examples of Later 18th Century Ceremonies

Why Irish and Scottish Variations? The Union and After

The Settlement of 1834.

Binding: Paperback, 

Format: 210 x 148, 

Extent: 96 pages

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