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The Square Magazine - December 2012

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Forgotten Freemasons - An Occasional Series
Revd. Sir Herbert Dunnico (1875-1953)
Andrew Prescott - An account of a remarkable English Freemason who is now
largely forgotten but deserves to be more widely remembered.

The Story of the Christmas Card
Paul Hooley - The custom of sending printed Christmas cards is less than 170
years old and came about almost by accident.

The Masonic Recollections of a Colonial Servant in Southern Africa
Professor William Ramsden, QC - The life and times of a Freemason and lawyer
in Basutoland.

Freemasonry in the Historic Town of Wigan
Fred Lomax - Freemasonry in Wigan spans over two centuries of continuous
existence, during which time lodges have operated under four different Grand

The origins of the Royal Arch Degree: a personal view
Ian J. Thorpe - Unlike the Craft, the Royal Arch does not owe its origin to the

The Great Seal of the Knights Templar
Robin Shaw - There is more than one explanation of how two knights riding on
one horse came to be on the seal of the Order of Knights Templar.

Gandalf, Odin, Father Christmas and Freemasonry
Fred Shepherd - With the pre-Christmas release of the first of Peter Jackson's
trilogy of the Hobbit films, the symbolic relevance of one of its chief characters
and Freemasonry is examined.

The Mystery of the 1762 Colne Lodge 3rd Degree
Eddie Forkgen - An updated version of the entry that was highly commended in
the Province of East Lancashire Short Papers Competition of 2011.

Recognition of a New Grand Lodge in France : 1913
Alain Bernheim - Freemasonry in France is still in the news. The Grande Loge
Nationale Française (GLNF) was a source of controversy even at its inauguration
in 1913.

Caricature - Russell J. Race
Steve Chadburn - One of a series of Caricatures of leading Freemasons.

Understanding Membership & Recruitment
Article 3: Approaching Recruitment and Retrieval
Martin Roche - This is the last of three short articles addressing the issues of
recruitment and retention and, it is hoped, providing simple and practical advice.

Revisiting Ritual '...and may Heaven aid our united endeavours.'

Reverend Neville Barker Cryer - Certain phrases in our ritual are so often
encountered and so easily repeated that we do not always realise the full content
of what has been said.

Square in Depth: The Strive For Perfection
Colin Jaque - An introduction to an article that traces the history and fascinating
story of betrayal and courage in the face of adversity, starting with the death of
the one referred to as 'Hiram Abif'. The full-length version can be found online.

Letters to the Editor

Spring of Acacia
James Daniel - C. John Mandleberg is remembered.

Brother Brother's Journal
Michael Halleran - Cuba Libre - The recollections of a nineteenth-century
American gentleman of the Craft.

Within Hiram's Grave
John Paternoster - The story of the 3rd Degree Tracing Board is fairly
straightforward but, it does raise a number of questions. For xample, why
were only fifteen Fellowcrafts selected; why a sprig of Acacia, and why those
particular dimensions for the grave?

Ashlar Chippings
Hugh O'Neill - Snippets of Masonic miscellanea.

So Many Questions . . . So Few Answers
Yasha Beresiner - The rôle of Elias Ashmole, the earliest recorded English
Freemason, is re?examined.

Your Masonic Questions Answered
Graham Redman - Some interesting questions on Masonic procedure and
protocol answered by the acknowledged expert in the field.

To Strive To Be the Best
Julian Rees - In a year of sporting competition and achievement, we need to take
care in Freemasonry not to let competitiveness get in the way.

Point of View : Musings of an Old Mason - Bureaucracy Gone Mad?
Lodge meetings are losing their importance and becoming a chore and not a joy:
the common denominator - Bureaucracy Gone Mad?

Square Culture : Humour, Poetry and Art
The cultural side of Freemasonry.

Fifty Shades of Blue, or The Libridinous Freemason
John Acaster - A plethora of authors from the north-east have burst into print
and will be presenting their work in person the 'Let's Talk Masonry' conference.

Book Reviews
The Last Rebellion - David Harrison
Thomas Dunckerley and English Freemasonry - Susan Mitchell Sommers

The QC Column
Gordon Davie - A regular update from the premier Lodge of Research.

Leicester Lodge of Research
David Sharpe - News from the Leicester Lodge of Research.

Keeping you Masonically up to date.

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