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The Square Magazine - September 2015

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Freemasonry and the Inquisition
Michael Baigent, and other authors, present the treatment of Freemasons under the various Inquisitions in Europe...not a happy story.

The Swedish Constitution
Alex Davidson presents Nordic Esotericism in Baroque Splendour - the Swedes, their rites and regalia.

Ian Allan
A tribute to his father, and our founder, by David Allan, our publisher.

Do you know where your warrant is
B Matthews suggests that to assume something is sometimes asking for an expensive problem.

And you thought your initiation was scary!
Jonathan Black convinces us that the faint of heart might be better to avoid the Eleusian mysteries

Paris Conference
John Acaster presents a review of the first World Conference on Fraternalism, Freemasonry and History at the Biblioteque Nationale.

An interview with Alain Bernheim
This renowned Masonic scholar shares some of his history and his views.

Regularity is...?
Martin Sabden shares his reactions to one of the sessions at the Paris World Conference featuring John Cooper and Alain Bauer...on a rather thorny subject.

Oops, the wrong column!
We apologise to the Marylanders for mistaking one Washington Column for another.

The Square quiz
The final questions in the three part quiz - be in it to win it!

John Coustos
Part of the chapter by Michael Baigent, et al, highlighting the treatment of a famous Freemason under the Inquisition.

Freemasonry and Fraternal societies
Bros David Harrison and Fred Lomax have their latest book presented by Paul Longridge.

Freemasonry and postal history
Ken Elston again presents us aspects of the fascinating world of Masonic philately.

A Barnardo boy finds his roots
John Hill, with some help from Yasha Beresiner, recounts a heart-warming story of a Bro. who discovers something of his lost past.

The Times of Zambia
A commentary on a recent article, published in a national newspaper, which again evokes the stupidity of Masonic attack.

The European Masonic Meeting...2015
Peter Ewood describes this year's social and fraternal gathering of European Masons in Bucharest.

The QC page
Gordon Davie, current Master of the lodge, admits that he is simply a raconteur when it comes to Masonic research.

Grand Lodge comes to Logierait
Kenneth Jack presents another interesting vignette of when Grand Lodge visited this picturesque Scottish area to commemorate a memorial.

Masonic gloves
James Manuel recounts the history and tradition of our white gloves. An article from Harashim No.58.

Different faiths
An extract and comment on the Volume of the Sacred Law from Graham Redman's book on Masonic etiquette.

The Order of Moose
Gordon Davie regales us with the history and exploits of this fraternal society - still going today.

Ashlar chippings
Hugh O'Neill presents his regular contribution of Masonic titbits and observations.

Masonic rogues and murderers
Ken Walton, with much help from Bro Bob Gilbert, presents aspects of his presentation on Masonic 'bad boys'.

Problems in Masonic charity
An extract and commentary by Geo Frazer from The Builder magazine of 1915, discussing a subject which increasingly resonates today.

Book reviews
Reviews of Richard Gan's latest book and of a magnificent new text on Masonic aprons from the Scottish Rite library, edited by Aimee Newell.

Letters to the Editor
Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion.

Women in Freemasonry
Bob Charles raises an argument that keeps coming up - though usually from just one side!

Lexington Symposium
Hilary Anderson Steeling recounts events at the Scottish Rite Museum Conference on American Freemasonry and Fraternalism, April 2015.

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