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The Square Magazine - September 2016

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The Craft and the cosmos
John Grange enlightens us about the wonders of the universe as presented in our rituals - and much more.

The Queen and the Craft
Nathan Garstang wonders whether the loyal toast should have ever been included in our festive board and whether it is not time to end it.

Shedding light on Anno Lucis
Joshua Parmer presents the quaint and incorrect Masonic dating system courtesy of Archbishop Ussher.

What is a Shriner?
Ken Elston with the support of Gordon Townsend presents the Shriners, illustrated by stamps and a moving story.

A Journey in Stone
Tony Baker reflects on Craig Weightman's new book - and finds some of it wanting.

The Freemasons' Hospital
Paul Calderwood presents the story of the Freemasons' War Hospital, later the Royal Masonic Hospital.

A possible lesson to some Grand Lodges
Trevor Stewart conducted some research during his lecturing travels and reports on the results here.

The Boston Tea Party
Peter Knatt reminds us of this event and advises that it was not what we have all been led to believe.

The Paris Masonic Exhibition
Bob Mellor visited the Biblioteque Nationale in Paris and found the exhibition was, unfortunately, not quite what he had hoped for.

Why I left Masonry.
N X Mason reports the real reasons which caused him, and many others, to depart from the Craft. Not happy reading!

Reflections from a visit over the pond
Some reflections on the differences which are to be found between English Freemasonry and some former English provinces.

The Golden Rule - maybe?
James Hurst extends a letter to the editor into an article, suggesting that the Golden Rule may not always apply.

Pugs and Masons
Allan deLucca shares his Chingford newsletter with some fascinating history of the Order of Pugs.

Veiled in allegories and illustrated by symbols
Alessandro Ruzzi reports on an open air Masonic meeting in a romantic and historic setting.

Freemasonry - more than just a social club?
Gordon Davie reflects on what Freemasonry achieved for so many members before standards declined.

The Sun and Freemasonry
David Farnsworth reports on a new apron for a Grand Master and the sun as a symbol of glory and worship.

Quiz winners & new challenge

Lodge La Cite de l'Europe
Manfred Muller-Berg reports on a lodge which meets on the cross channel ferry - weather permitting.

Landmarks of our fathers
Tony Pope reviews a book by John Hairston which presents aspects of Prince Hall and African Lodge that we may not have realised

The History of Swiss Masonry and of the Grand Lodge Alpina
Michael Jaccard introduces us to Swiss Masonry; its history, organisation and its eminent researchers.

Neville joins up
Hugh O'Neill presents the manner in which this renowned Anglican vicar became a Freemason and why it may not happen today.

The Midwest Conference on Masonic Education 2016
Ron Penfold, President, reflects on this year's MCME conference in Grand Forks, North Dakota, in which twelve US states participated.

Pursuit of the knowledge of one's self
Freddy Berdach reflects on Freemasonry as a pursuit of the Mysteries - a means of psychological development.

Caledonian Lodge 135, Visit to the Netherlands
Jack Maunders reports on a visit commemorating a long association between two lodges since 1763.

Letters to the Editor
Our usual collection of the happy, the grieved and those looking for a bit of promotion. If you do or don't agree with something in the magazine, please feel free to let us know. Names can be withheld.

Tenerife calls for the restoration of the reputation of Spanish Freemasonry
El Oriente, the Spanish Masonic newsletter, reports on events in Santa Cruz that will please Spanish Masons.

Another look at Freemasonry in Cuba
E. C. Ballard reports on the fortunes of Freemasonry under a Marxist government. Taken from the Hedge Mason blog.

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