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What Next?

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What Next?
What Next?
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SKU: 9780853185482
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Also Available as an ebook. Click Here to visit our website for digital downloads

This book is written to assist those contemplating joining one of the numerous additional degrees in Freemasonry or to aid those who have joined a degree and are looking for more information on the Order that they have joined.

It gives a history of the various Degrees and Orders, the requirements for joining them, and the reasons each Degree could be of value as the next step for the candidate to take. Aiming to be  comprehensive, What Next really goes into detail, being extensively illustrated, showing the regalia and jewels of the Orders and where possible, there is a non-disclosure description of the ceremonies and various stages of advancement through the order. Up to date information on entry requirement and how to contact the headquarters of the Degrees is also given.

Holy Royal Arch              


Allied Masonic Degrees

Ancient and Accepted Rite - Rose Croix

The Masonic Order of Athelstan

August Order of Light

Hermetic Order of Martinists

Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest

Knight Templar

Masonic Order of Pilgrim Preceptors


Order of Knight Masons

Order of the Scarlet Cord

Order of the Secret Monitor      

Rectified Scottish Rite  

Red Cross of Constantine            

Rite of Baldwyn at Bristol            

Royal and Select Masters            

Royal Ark Mariner          

Royal Order of Eri          

Royal Order of Scotland              


Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia  

Spiritual Knight

St. Thomas of Acon        

Ye Antient Order of Noble Corks

Ye Corporation O Squaremen


Highly Illustrated

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