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Second Degree Tracing Board

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Second Degree Tracing Board 



Every Craft and Royal Arch Tracing Board depicts the sameideas, but from a 

different perspective. The Second Degree Tracing Board showsus the crossing 

where the physical world and spiritual Truth meet, the Pointwhere the without 

becomes within. We can see a retrospect and prospect of ourvoyage to 

Knowledge; the reborn Seed ripening into an understanding ofthe Life which is 

at the Centre of us all and at once the mystery of Nature’sGrand Circle. The 

Great Secret awaits all of us who have the Knowledge andinner Wisdom to 

Pass the Wardens, the Courage to enter the apparent darknessand climb the 

winding staircase, and then to open our-selfs to theenlightenment that all of us 

are the microcosm, both mirror and Plan of Creation. 

Beautiful Gloss Print 

290mm- 210mm

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