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*** Author Signed Copy *** - The Emerald Tablet

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The first English translation of the Emerald Tablet came via The Mirror of Alchimy. Attributed to Roger Bacon in the thirteenth century, Speculum Alchemiae was translated into English and printed in 1597 in London. One of the very first alchemical works to appear in English, appended to this was a translation and commentary on the Emerald Tablet.

From Isaac Newton to Carl Jung, since the Emerald Tabletís very beginning, some of the greatest spiritual and philosophical minds have contemplated it, become fascinated by it and delved into its mysteries. Throughout itís history, those who have studied it have applied its principles to every art known to man, particularly those of alchemy and philosophy. Itís influence on our culture has been significant and has left a lasting impression. Indeed the phrase Ďas above so belowí has entered into various western philosophies.

The reason for its tremendous influence is simple, for those with the eyes to see this extremely short work is the most clear and beautiful summary of the Hermetic science ever written.

Legend has it that one text reveals the answers to the greatest mysteries. It was said that once someone truly understands the Emerald Tablet they will be able to work great miracles, turn base metals into gold, create the philosopherís stone, heal all illnesses, extend their life or even become immortal. Could these legends be pointing towards something more? Could this ancient magical text contain the keys to understanding all things?

This work aims to reveal the inner teachings of the Emerald Tablet in plain language so that itís wisdom can be applied by all who read it.

Paperback : 96 pages

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