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Freemasonry for the Millennium

At the end of 1999 after running the site for sometime, I decided to close it down because of lack of support. This was expected as at this point in time Freemasonry was receiving a lot of criticism from the media arguably because of the secrecy surrounding the order, and Freemasons were reluctant to speak out for the craft.

Ian Allan Publishing

Ian Allan Publishing . You will find within these pages a complete showcase of our new book titles covering aviation, railways, road transport and military subjects.

Boylan and Co.

Boylan and Co. are Bespoke Manufacturers and Suppliers of Regalia and Insignia for the Masonic Fraternity and other Civil and Chivalric Orders

United Grand Lodge of England

The web site of the United Grand Lodge of England, the governing body of Freemasonry in England, Wales.

Redcliffe Regalia

Supplying most masonic degrees and orders. This deliver to your door, or collect from us service, includes an extensive range of regalia, clothing, masonic related gifts, masonic jewels, books, ritual book, office books, furniture and jewellery.

Millenium Mark

Established in 1999 by twenty Freemason's, Millennium Mark was originally formed with the intention of supplying Mark Tokens to celebrate the New Millennium. Shortly after the introduction of the Millennium tokens we commissioned anniversary jewels and then expanded our business by supplying Masonic regalia.