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The Globe Lodge History 1723 - 2023

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ISBN: 9780853181736
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300 Years of Freemasonry ; Through the Prism of the History of Globe Lodge

Richard L. Gan and Archie Walls

The Lodge was Constituted in 1723 just six years after the meeting at the Goose and Gridiron in London when the first Grand Lodge was formed, it celebrated its 300th anniversary of continuous working in September 2023.  It is one of nineteen ‘Red Apron’ Lodges with the privilege of nominating a member for the office of Grand Steward During the lifetime of the Lodge it has had more than 1,200 members, many of whom have played an active and influential role not just within the Lodge but in Freemasonry in general, a number have made a considerable contribution and had an impact on the world outside Freemasonry.  The Lodge has experienced the odd scandal, one in Chapter 1 IntroductionMemorials of Globe Lodge 16 particular nearly caused the Lodge to fold. It has also had a few members that may best be described as ‘bad apples’, but their actions are more than counterbalanced by the number of members who deserve to be called heroes, some of whom made the supreme sacrifice in the service of their Country. Unexpected findings have included the relatively high number of members whose exposure to the hazards of business unfortunately resulted in bankruptcy. This book, as all Lodge histories is written primarily for the members of the Lodge, both present and future, in a style and with contents that are intended to appeal to both the general reader but also to those interested in Masonic history. With one or two exceptions the use of footnotes has been avoided and an alternative format has been adopted in the form of ‘text-boxes’. These have been used whenever possible in one of two ways: either to provide a brief biography or additional information about individual members without the need to clutter up the main text; or to enable more in-depth or detailed information about a particular topic to be included, in a manner that does not to disrupt the continuity of the main text for the general reader, but still allows those interested in exploring the additional information when they choose to do so. No lodge history is complete without its various lists, and in that regard, Globe is no different, hence the expected inclusion of lists of Past Masters, members who have held office in the Lodge, or been appointed to Grand Rank, together with a number of lists associated with the fact that Globe is a ‘Red Apron’ Lodge.

However, given the longevity of the Lodge it has been possible to compile and include a comprehensive Compendium of Globe Members, that contains details of the 1,200+ members of the Lodge in order of their date of joining together with a brief CV, together with an alphabetical list that includes their date of birth and death, which helps to distinguish between members who may share the same surname but were members at different times. The data generated in the preparation of the list of members has been used as the basis for a chapter concerning facts and figures relating to the membership as a whole, and a chapter that catalogues and explores the changing trends and patterns in the various occupations of Globe members over the last 300 years. The intention has been to write a definitive history of the Lodge, in a way that informs, educates and entertains. Each chapter focuses on a different and specific aspect but not in a chronological order so they do not need to be read in any particular sequence. In short it is hoped that every reader, whether or not a member of the Lodge or even a Freemason, may find something of interest in the book.


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