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Laughter on the Level

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ISBN: 9780853184041
SKU: 9780853184041
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Customer Reviews

Are you ready for a sponsored laugh? Do you believe that Freemasonry should be fun? If so then this is the book for you. "Laughter on the Level" is a handy compendium of Masonic jokes and one-liners, that fits easily into your pocket. Unlike other joke books designed for use at the festive board, this title contains jokes only about Freemasons and Freemasonry. If you don't know how many Freemasons it takes to change a lightbulb, or the one about the Masonic parrot, then you are just going to have to buy the book!

All royalties from the sale of this book are donated to Break, a charity that  provides holidays and respite care for children and adults with learning disabilities from all areas of the country. Help bring relief to those suffering from hard challenges in life.

Perhaps laughter is the best medicine after all! 

What others are saying about this book:

Freemason Magazine NSW & ACT

I now present to you the working tools of the Festive Board. They are the Knife, the Fork, the Goblet and the Common Gabble. The Knife is to cut off all knobs and etceteras from anything edible, digestible or comestible and so to render it fit for the jaws of the expert workman. The Fork is intended to convey the materials so prepared and is placed between the two rows of pillars situated at the porch way or entrance somewhat below the temple. You will notice, brethren, that the Fork has several points or prongs. At first all are disclosed, but soon all are hidden, and the number of times this is done to the minute denotes the progress you are making in the science. The Goblet is to hold what the Stewards feel disposed to contribute, which will be thankfully received and faithfully applied. It is only to be used when there is one, and only one, Worshipful Master of the lodge present. If you see two, then you are making too much progress in the science. The Common Gabble is used to cheer and edify the workmen whilst waiting for material; also for ornamenting, adorning, embroidering and embellishing our speech, so that as members we may say of our Worshipful Master and Officers, however they work, 'Oh Wonderful Masons'. The peculiar sign of this degree is called the ailing sign or sign of repletion. It is given by a distinctive pressure on the last two buttons of the waistcoat and denotes plenty. But as we are not all operative Masons, but sometimes very speculative Masons, we apply these tools to our morals. In this sense, the Knife teaches us to keep our portions in due bounds and the Fork teaches us to estimate and determine the limits and capacity of our distended structure. The Goblet makes us all tell the truth with a freedom and expression that is at once surprising and illuminating, whilst the Common Gabble tells us the value of goodwill, kindness and friendship. Thus, let our Knives be cutting, but not our Gabble; our Forks held in check, but not our digestions; and our Goblets filled with the spirit of brotherhood and benevolence. And moreover, brethren, whilst at the beginning we pay respect to the Crown let us not fail to deposit our appreciation with the Tyler ere we depart.' Laughter on the Level ... Did the piece above make you chuckle? If it raised a smile then you will love this book, the new charity joke book from Lewis Masonic Publishers, UK. Every single joke is about Freemasonry and all royalties from the sale of this book are donated to BREAK, a charity that provides holidays and respite care for children and adults with learning disabilities from all areas of the United Kingdom. Perhaps laughter is the best medicine of all!

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