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Freemasons' Royal Arch Guide (paperback)

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SKU: 9780853186045
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A Lewis Classic reprint

After introductory chapters on the structure and history of the Royal Arch the authors detail procedure to be followed by each officer both in and out of Chapter meetings. All officers from Janitor to the Most Excellent First Principal are covered in separate chapters with a useful reminder section concluding each. Additional chapters cover the Immediate Past First Principal and the furnishings and layout found in Chapter rooms. This second edition has been fully revised and is suitable for all workings. The book is intended for use by Companions who are taking office in a Chapter and is the only complete Royal Arch Officer's guide.


1 The Order of the Royal Arch

2 The Royal Arch Lecture

3 What is Aldergate?

4 The Officers and their Duties

5 The Janitor

6 The Steward

7 The Assistant Scribe Ezra

8 The Organist

9 The Assistant Director of Ceremonies

10 The Director of Ceremonies

11 The Three Sojourners

12 The Assistant Sojourner

13 The Second Assistant Sojourner

14 The First Assistant Sojourner

15 The Principal Sojourner

16 The Treasurer

17 The Scribe Nehemiah

18 The Scribe Ezra

19 The Three Principals

20 Excellent Companion Joshua

21 Excellent Companion Haggai

22 The Most Excellent Zerubbabel

23 The Installation Ceremonies

24 The Immediate Past Zerubbabel

25 The Candidate

26 The Form of the Chapter

27 The Triple Tau

28 The Ensigns on the Staves

29 The Four Principal Banners

30 The Five Regular Platonic Bodies

31 The Jewel of the Order

32 The Passing of the Veils

33 Presentation of the PZ Jewel

34 The Questions After Grace

35 The Toast List

36 Hints for Companions Generally

37 The Lectures

Paperback 246 pages

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