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Royal Arch Tracing Board

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SKU: RoyalPrint
(Approx $7.54)
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The Royal Arch Chapter Board

Every Craft and Royal Arch Tracing Board depicts the same things, but from a

different perspective. The Royal Arch Tracing Board shows us that when we

have found the Key to liberate our-selfs we can all make the Journey from the

gloom of Babylon to the gleam of Moriah. Sojourning along The Way we must

become rulers of our-selfs and clear the quotidian rubble of existence so that

we can descend within to the Great Secret and by finding it be Exalted beyond.

When you know this you know enough: each of us is the Compass of both

Points on the Line between Centre and Circumference, We are the Colours of

the Rainbow and the Star Whites, We are the Celestial Glow and the Inner

Lights, We are One.

Beautiful Gloss Print 

290mm- 210mm

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