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Third Degree Tracing Board (Alternative)

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SKU: 3aprint
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Third Degree Tracing Board (Harris)



Every Craft and Royal Arch Tracing Board depicts the same ideas, but from a 

different perspective. The Third Degree Tracing Board shows us the inevitable 

point of transition between the physical and spiritual, from the finite to the 

eternal. Things of the Earth, mere physical labour and its results are transient, 

conjured from dust as mountains from sand and returned by Time to the shore 

of the Eternal Waters from which we are all sprung. The Great Secret lays 

beyond the deepest shadow where those who have had the Fortitude to 

overcome terror, the Prudence to choose Truth and the Love to transcend 

mere self shall find their Hope rewarded in the Illumination of the Bright 

Morning Star that brings evergreen Life. 

Beautiful Gloss Print 

290mm- 210mm

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